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Garvan, a Dublin DJ is a founder/director at Star DJs and an experienced music programmer. He has DJ’d over 1000 events for the likes of U2 and other acts. He has also DJ’d in many bars and club events over the last 20 years, so has vast experience in the industry. Specialising in weddings and

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Their wedding is in three weeks and the friend that had promised to DJ their wedding has all of a sudden decided that he can’t do it anymore or wants to go as a guest. PLEASE – for your sanity’s sake, hire a professional entertainer for your event. I don’t care if it’s a wedding

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It is often said that too big a room in proportion to the number of guests attending a any party is hard to create an atmosphere. There is nothing worse than having a very large room with a small number of guests. The dance floor is usually too big in this case also which makes

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We asked Garvan Rigby of star dj’s a few questions about weddings, DJing and the importance of the entertainment at a weddingWhat makes a good Wedding DJ? Somebody who can read the crowd. No matter how good a DJ you are at mixing, how good the sound is or how many songs you have, if

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With so much emphasis on the first dance as a married couple few Brides and Grooms spend enough time considering what the last song of the day will be. The last song of the day argues Garvan Rigby of the star dj’s agency is just as important to consider as the first song, after all

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Most people only hire a DJ once in their life and most often it’s for their Wedding Reception. Too often I hear horror stories about how a DJ ruined a reception and in this case, once is too many! As DJ’s, we only have one chance to get it right! Some of the complaints I

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With your DJ often credited with making or breaking a wedding party one of the most important things you can do is spend time to consider who to hire to provide your entertainment. Here are a few questions you can ask before hiring a DJ. 1. Are you available? You should always start off by

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You are now engaged and are starting to plan your wedding. With some DJs booking up as much as 8 months to a year in advance it is worth considering booking your DJ at least provisionally, as soon as possible. As soon as you have your church booked and a rough idea of which venue

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