Their wedding is in three weeks and the friend that had promised to DJ their wedding has all of a sudden decided that he can’t do it anymore or wants to go as a guest. PLEASE – for your sanity’s sake, hire a professional entertainer for your event. I don’t care if it’s a wedding or family gathering. The wrong choice can make or break your event. Have you ever been to a party where the DJ was terrible? It didn’t matter whose wedding it was or how good the food was or how beautiful the facility was – in the end, the party was a flop. The average Irish wedding is now around €15-25K. Why should you skimp on the most crucial thing? You work it out.

Bad DJ = Bad Party

Great DJ + rain+lousy food+no photographer+ limo broke down will Still= Great Party

A good DJ will create a good party. That is the bottom line. Even if everything goes wrong on the wedding day itself, when people dance and have a great time they will have had a great night!

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