Here are some popular questions to ask your DJ before you book a DJ or entertainer for your event. Booking the right entertainer will make or break your party.

What is the average cost of a DJ? How much is a DJ? It depends on DJ’s expereince, date, location, what sound and lighting is required, how many people will be there, the hours and package and the services required. As a guide purely, an average MOBILE DJ cost (where the DJ also brings all the sound and lighting) in Ireland ranges from €200-300 for a starter/hobby DJ, €250-450 for medium level DJ with perhaps 3-10 years expereience and €400-900 for a professional DJ with 10+ years experience. Without hiring all the sound and lighting equipment, the DJ’s fee is often lower as Public Liablilty insurance would not always be required.

How much is a Wedding DJ? Cost of a Wedding DJ? This often depends (as above) on expereince and the work involved. Unlike a standard party, most Wedding DJs will meet in person to help plan the event, so this often pushes the cost up as breides and grooms want to plan their big day more than an average birthday party for example.A wedding DJ usually commands a higher fee as they are more expereienced in reading a wide range of ages at a wedding compared to a club or pub night. Another factor in the cost is the type of package. Some brides and groom book a DJ only package for the full night, others for after a band and others book a DJ all day package to combine drinks reception , dinner, MC duties and sometimes even the ceremony. Therefore depending on the DJ package, you could pay anything from €300 to €1200 for a wedding DJ.

How much is a DJ per hour? usually you pay a set fee for a DJ as it’s usually a night’s work. The DJ would also bill for the sound and lighting hire and this would not be an hourly but rather a nightly rate. Most DJs charge for a 4 hour event and then might charge per hour after that rate.

Does the fee include equipment hire (sound and lighting)? Most MOBILE DJs including our company bill out including sound and lighting hire. But always check this when booking as some DJs quote for their fee without equipment hire.

Who are the best DJs you have for an event? This depends on the event type. You don’t hire a chef specialising in Indian food to cook itlaian food so why hire a club DJ or a radio DJ to prform at your wedding. Visit our DJ page and view the profiles and the reviews on the testimonials page to find a suitable DJ.

Do you do DJ only Weddings? Yes, over 80% of our bookings are for DJ only weddings, with no band. Most DJs in Ireland don’t do DJ only weddings as they are the heardest type of event to perform at and only the most expereienced full time DJ ususally perform at full night weddings.

Are you Insured?  Many venues nowadays don’t allow contractors on a prem ises without Public Liability Insurance. Check if your event venue require it. ALWAYS ASK if your DJ has this.

Do you have have back up? What back up do you have should your equipment fail or you get ill on the day? This is why we always receommend you book a DJ company not a one man business.

Do you do planning and a conultation before my event? If the DJ does not offer at least a telephone consultation and some planning tips before your event then be wary of hiring them. Most epereeoicned DJ have run and performed at many parties and can offer a wealth of guidance as to what will work well for your event.

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