With so much emphasis on the first dance as a married couple few Brides and Grooms spend enough time considering what the last song of the day will be. The last song of the day argues Garvan Rigby of the star dj’s agency is just as important to consider as the first song, after all it is the final dance of the day. The last dance is the song that you will have in your memory forever with all your friends gathered around you.

“Traditionally the national anthem was the last song not of choice but out of…..well tradition! Cliff Richard’s congratulations was also played just before the anthem as all the guests formed an archway down the room while the bride and groom would run under the arch saying their goodbyes as they run out the door”.

But traditions have changed and couples and their guests now are increasingly deciding to have more input into both the overall music selection and the last song too.

Many couples still like to end their day in the traditional fashion although the national anthem is played a lot less at most functions and discos nowadays. Garvan suggests perhaps playing the congratulations a little earlier if at all! About 50% of his clients don’t want the congratulations played at all. If they want the traditional ending he suggests it be played as perhaps the third or fourth last song followed by a number of other songs therefore creating an encore effect. Congratulations although a little cheesy does work time and time again. It gets everybody in the room on the floor. It’s a good photo or video opportunity, it gets the old and the young together on the floor and it allows you to build atmosphere towards the end.

Some couples have a specific song that is sentimental to them both but may not be appropriate as the first dance as it may be too fast to dance to or just not a romantic song. These songs can be great for the last song of the night.

A good DJ will know how to build the finale of the day in the right way. Whether you play congratulations or not, about 10 Minutes before the end of the evening your DJ will probably invite the Bride & Groom to the floor and then invite their guests to join them. This is when all the guests form a circle around the couple and dance to songs such as that’s amore by Dean Martin or New York, New York by Frank Sinatra. More recent songs to end on would include time of your life by Green Day or One by U2.

Other favourite end of the night songs includes wonderwall by Oasis, the wonder of you by Elvis or dirty old town by the Pogues.

Garvan has one bit of important advice when choosing the last song. “Whatever you chose as your last song just remember that the elder members of the audience may not know the Oasis song but the younger members probably will know the Frank Sinatra song!”

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