It is often said that too big a room in proportion to the number of guests attending a any party is hard to create an atmosphere.

There is nothing worse than having a very large room with a small number of guests. The dance floor is usually too big in this case also which makes it look like the party is “not happening”.

So what is the ideal dance floor size to have for your party in proportion to the room size and number of guests attending?

Using the formulas below, you should be able to comfortably determine the square footage required for the dance floor.
Floor Space Needed for a Banquet with Dancing:
Expected to be Dance on dance floor at one time: Floor square footage needed:

60 percent 3 sq. ft.
50 percent 2.5 sq. ft.
40 percent 2 sq. ft.

If your event is for 300 people with an average dance participation (50 percent on floor at a given time.)300 (total guests) x 2.5 (sq. ft. needed per guest) = 750 (total square feet of dance floor needed)If the dance floor were close to square,its dimensions could be almost 27 ‘ x 27 ‘ or 27 ‘ x 30 ‘.(Note: Most floors come in 3 ‘ x 3 ‘ sections.)To establish the table capacity of the room, subtract the number of tables lost to the dance floor space and bandstand from the total the room is capable of holding.

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